Injection Packers Manufacturer In India- Help Repair Cracks And Seal Building Structures

Posted by Admin on May, 15, 2019

Injection packer refers to the filler necks that serves as a link or connection between the structural element and the injection pump to be injected in. They are used in the injection of different injection materials.
Areas of application of an injection packer:

  1. Crack repair
  2. Sealing of structures (buildings)
  3. Soil solidification
  4. Stabilization of various structures

Advantages of injection packer:

  1. High retention pressure in the structure
  2. Undersize of the fasten rubber
  3. Tightness at high and low injection pressures
  4. The integrated valve in the end part stops the backflow or backward movement of the injection structure/material through the packer.
  5. The spring holds together the fasten rubber in forceful position.
  6. The borehole can be closed with appropriate material.
  7. The force piece can be eliminated after injection.

Some of the common injections packers are:

  1. Brass packers- the design of these packers is to fit in a non-return valve in the end portion of the injection packer. The moment the resin settles, the upper portion of the packer just unscrews which enables the base left out in a place that leaves an undersized recess that can simply be filled using similar or TamCrete. The fastener on the type has ball valve situated in the head and which can be easily eliminated enabling the water pressure inside the structure before injection.
  2. Zinc & Aluminum packers- same as the brass packers but made of zinc or aluminum. These are highly reasonable and light in weight. Hence, these are affordable as well.
  3. Steel packers- they are made using coated steel in order to make them durable and strong. They have non-return ball like valve placed in grease nipple that can be easily eliminated, enabling to relieve the pressure of water within right before injection.
  4. Plastic packers- they are available 17-18 mm x 100 mm with a hook on grease nipple or a connector push on connector.
  5. Searching for injection packers? There are so many wholesale injection packer manufacturers in India who offer various latest versions of injection packers. They have varieties like borehole, surface packers, mechanical packers, and steel packers.

The wide variety of packers ensures that a suitable packer is available depending upon the need, pressure, and type of structure and characteristics of the material. Some popular manufacturers offer online services. You can simply visit their website and place your order as per your convenience.

How to find a trusted Wholesale injection packer manufacturer in India?

Among numerous name of injection packer suppliers, you can easily find the best and reliable one easily online. Here are the specifications of high rated dealers.

  1. Created using finest-grade material and latest techniques
  2. Manufacturers precise and accurate in terms of sizes and dimensions
  3. Customization of dimensions
  4. Easy and quick to installation
  5. High pressure and corrosion resistance
  6. Available with button/head fitting and also both high-low pressure fittings
  7. Nationwide delivery

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