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Polyurethane Injection Grouts

Polyurethane Injection Grouts

The company is one of the most sought-after Manufacturers & Suppliers of Polyurethane Injection Grouts. The company is involved in the production of a high quality range of Polyurethane Injection Grouts and offers the best products at the best prices. The Polyurethane Injection Grouts can be availed on a timely basis and the company ensures the transit safety as well.

One Component Polyurethane Injection Grout
  • Single Component
  • Solvent free
  • Weather & heat resistant
  • Exceptional bonding on wood, metals, masonry, concrete, glass and most plastics
  • Suitable for the quick closing and sealing of water-bearing cracks, cavities and leaks
  • Good penetration capability
  • Paintable, stainable and sandable

Araldite Builder Tuffix IN is a hydrophobic polyurethane grout designed to stop water leaks. It is typically injected into cracks in concrete, honey-combed concrete, brick walls, natural stone building constructions in structural and civil engineering. When the liquid polyurethane meets water or moisture it reacts with it and then expands, creating a dense, hard-elastic foam of a very fine cellular structure through which water will not pass. In an unconfined environment the expansion rate of the material is 15 - 20 times its own volume (upon contact with water). Due to its water-reactive components and high capillary activity in damp or water-bearing cracks, the material is ideal for filling cracks and cavities. After contact with water, foam formation generally begins after approx. 60 seconds (25°C). Sufficient water contact is required for the reaction and optimum foam formation of the material. The reaction speed (foam formation) is influenced by the inherent tem-perature of the material, the hydrodynamic conditions, the temperature of the building structure and that of the contact water.

Araldite Builder Tuffix IN 1 Processing
Preparatory Work : An analysis should be carried out prior to the injection. The extent of the examination depends on the nature of the building structure and the cracks. The moisture content and the crack characteristics (type, course, width, width modification, etc.) must be determined to assess the cause of damage and to select the suitable filling materials. The positioning of drill-holes and the selection of drill-hole packers depend on the results of these examinations. Install the drill-hole packers in such a way that the injection hose can be connected comfortably to the fittings. The packers must be fastened tightly in the drill-holes. In the event of strong leaks, measures may be necessary to reduce the flow rate and to prevent the filling material from being washed out.

Injection Procedure : Apply Araldite Builder Tuffix IN by means of an injection grouting pump. Make sure that only pure Araldite Builder Tuffix IN without any residue from cleaning agents or other foreign matter is injected.

The injection pressure depends on the nature of the building, the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic conditions and the desired filling level. Carry out the injection at intervals so that conclusions can be drawn from the reaction of the material (foam formation) as to whether to continue or to stop the injection process. Best results are achieved at initial material temperatures of 15°C - 30° C. Higher temperatures accelerate the reaction.

For a durable filling and sealing of cracks, a secondary injection with Araldite Builder Tuffix IN is necessary depending on the conditions of the specific object. Immediately after the injection of Araldite Builder Tuffix IN, secondary injections can usually be carried out via the same drill-holes. However, if the secondary injection is carried out several hours later it may be neces-sary to install new packers in different positions.

Final Work : After the injection and curing process of Araldite Builder Tuffix IN used for the secondary injection, remove the packers and close the drill-holes with suitable mineral building materials.

Note : The results may vary from site to site depending upon the moisture levels inside the cracks. It is generally recommended to conduct a small trial before commencing the major repairs or crack injection.

Araldite Builder Tuffix IN 2 Storage
Handling Precautions : Araldite Builder Tuffix IN has a minimum shelf life of 1 year from the date of manufacturing when stored in unopened sealed packs at 15 - 25°C away from direct sunlight. Once opened use within 15 days.

Caution : Containers of Araldite Builder Tuffix IN should be kept properly closed and stored indoors in a well-ventilated area under normal factory conditions. Storage at temperatures ranging from 15 - 25 °C provides a convenient viscosity for handling. Storage at low temperature is not recommended because it may lead to some crystallisation; this material must therefore be protected from frost. Storage at temperatures above 35°C is not recommended, since this can lead to the formation of insoluble solids and also the viscosity build-up increases on extended storage. Under the recommended storage conditions and if protected from humidity and contaminants, i.e. in properly sealed packs, reaction with atmospheric moisture, is prevented. Araldite Builder Tuffix IN should be stored under a dry air atmosphere. During handling, the product must be protected from water ingress and from atmospheric moisture. Containers should be re-sealed immediately after each sampling.

The reaction of isocyanates with water leads to the formation of insoluble ureas and carbon dioxide gas, which can lead to pressure build-up in closed containers. Containers used for Araldite Builder Tuffix IN must therefore be absolutely dry.

Health and Safety Advice : The appropriate health and safety advice can be found in the safety data sheet for Araldite Builder Tuffix IN available on request. The applicable Safety Data Sheet should be reviewed by customer before handling the Huntsman product.

Araldite Builder Tuffix IN
Huntsman Advanced Materials All recommendations for the use of our products, whether given by us in writing, verbally, or to be implied from the results of tests carried out by us, are based on the current state of our knowledge. Notwithstanding any such recommendations the Buyer shall remain responsible for satisfying himself that the products as supplied by us are suitable for his intended process or purpose. Since we cannot control the application, use or processing of the products, we cannot accept responsibility therefor. The Buyer shall ensure that the intended use of the products will not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. We warrant that our products are free from defects in accordance with and subject to our general conditions of supply.

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Additional Information

Product Code Polyurethane Injection Grouts

Product Details

Property Araldite Builder Tuffix IN
Colour (visual) Brown coloured liquid
Specific gravity 1.10 - 1.15
Viscosity at 25oC (mPa.s) 2000 - 3000
Flash Point ≥ 240oC