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Metallic Floor Hardener

Metallic Floor Hardener

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of “Metallic Floor Hardeners” from Maharashtra. With the growing demands of floor hardeners, we meet the requirement of constructional and allied industries who demand for a vast variety and quality products. By using the latest and advanced technologies, we provide high quality of products within short span of time, which is the reason why we are a reliable choice of most of the builders, clients and contractors. We do have a range of Metallic and Non Metallic Floor Hardeners.


Features :

  • Economical in nature
  • Forms thick to layer
  • Makes concrete flooring durable
  • Decreases recurring expenses in repairs

Application areas :

  • Railway Platforms
  • Factory Sheds
  • Loco Sheds
  • Concrete Roads
  • Jetty
  • Warehouse
  • Runways